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Metallurgprokatmontazh LLC was established in April 1998 on the base of Kogalym division of Moscow department of engineering services of ZAO "Metallurgprokatmontazh" created for performance of work in those regions where there was no traditional dislocation of Metallurgprokatmontazh branches mainly on objects of oil and gas extraction complex, on chemical, petrochemical, petroleum-refining and other explosive and flammable productions, factories of major pipeline transport.

Newly established organization, consisted of best experts of Metallurgprokatmontazh, began its activities on objects of LUKOIL Oil Company in Kogalym. While starting-up the organization was widening its geographic reach. Thus when widening Baltic pipeline transportation system in cooperation with TRANSNEFT JSC the assembly of manufacturing equipment and pipelines was conducted on oil transfer pumping stations in Almetyevsk, Naberezhnye Chelny, Tikhoretsk, Primorsk.

Participation of Metallurgprokatmontazh LLC in construction of gas pipeline joining Russia and Turkey under the project “Blue flow” was a great step to the wholly new level. Metallurgprokatmontazh LLC experienced pipe welding of carbon, low-alloyed, cold-resistant, stainless steels from 0,5 to 48 inches in diameter, and deflecting gas pipelines of 24 inches in diameter, 38,1 mm wall thickness, and designed for 25,1 mPa pressure. Such high pressure is due to the fact that in actual practice of gas transmission pipelines construction linear pump stations are located at 80 to 120 km from each other. Pump station "Beregovaya" supplies gas at almost 400 km along the offshore section. Uniqueness of the pump station "Beregovaya" as an engineering structure provided high-degree responsibility of welded joints. Rigid requirements of foreign Customer resulted in creating own laboratory of nondestructive testing in the Company. Experts of Metallurgprokatmontazh LLC successfully coped with assigned tasks.

One of the main business areas of the company is engineering of vertical steel cylindrical tanks of any volume, any design, including metalware completing, manufacturing and fire-fighting equipment, pipes for vertical steel tanks binding for storing oil and oil products. In recent years large projects of this area were construction of the railway oil-loading terminal of OJSC "Oil Company ROSNEFT-Arkhangelsknefteprodukt" at Privodino station, Kotlassky rayon, the Arkhangelsk region, where apart from just erecting the tank farm of 40 000 m3 volume the Company fulfilled functions of the general contracting organization; renovation of the tank farm of 60 000 m3 volume of Belomorsk oil plant in Beloe More, the Murmansk region, OJSC "NOVATEK". Cooperation with above mentioned financial and industrial groups continued on foregoing projects such as:

Arkhangelsk terminal of OJSC "Oil Company ROSNEFT-Arkhangelsknefteprodukt", Prisklonovoe field and Purovsky plant of OJSC "NOVATEK" for gas condensate processing in Yamal-Nenets autonomous district. Since 2007 the Company has renewed the close cooperation with TRANSNEFT JSC. Series of tank farm objects belonging to OJSC “Severnye magistralnye nefteprovody” and OJSC “Severo-zapadnye magistralnye nefteprovody” (organizations of TRANSNEFT system) were erected and renovated during this period.

Apart from tank farm construction the Company took part in realization series of nation-wide projects such as "Sakhalin-2", specifically in the assembly of major product pipelines and industrial pipelines when constructing oil transfer pumping station "Skovorodino", the first set of pipeline system joining East Siberia and Pacific Ocean. The Company does not also stand apart from realization of significant modern social projects. Thus within the framework of preparation to Universiade 2013 the Company takes part in the assembly of football stadium metalware for 45 000 spectators in Kazan.

At the moment the company, having advanced technologies, equipment and highly-trained constructing and welding experts, holds strong position in the market of constructing and assembly operations and services. Quality control and safety of conducted works are provided by integrated management systems, approved by applicable certifications, and also by own field testing laboratory, equipped with up-to-date diagnostic equipment.

Field testing laboratory of Metallurgprokatmontazh LLC is certified in the System of nondestructive testing, and it meets requirements of the Industrial safety expert review system. Certified area of the laboratory spreads to boil inspection objects, gas transmission (distribution) systems, equipment of oil and gas industry, equipment of explosive, flammable and chemically-hazardous productions, buildings and constructions. In addition the laboratory has a right to conduct works of nondestructive testing on objects of TRANSNEFT JSC.

Equipment yard, located in Gubkin, the Belgorod region, is furnished with up-to-date metal-processing and load-lifting equipment, vehicles, access roads, and it can produce up to 1 500 tons of metalware and 1 200 tons of pipe spools annually. Thus the process of preparation to construction and assembly operations is conducted directly at sites.

During all these years, beginning from the date of establishment, the organization has been lead by Artur Vladimirovich Savchenko. After returning from military service in Soviet Army, in September 1983 he came to Kirovskoye building and construction department of the trust "Metallurgprokatmontazh", passed all levels of building and construction at building sites of the Kola Peninsula, and in 1996 headed the Kogalym division of Moscow department of engineering services of ZAO "Metallurgprokatmontazh", at present independent LLC, and converted it into successful enterprise worthily holding up nice traditions of the legendary trust Metallurgprokatmontazh.



ООО "Металлургпрокатмонтаж" в период апрель-октябрь 2011 г. выполняло строительно-монтажные работы на объектах ОАО "Северные магистральные нефтепроводы" по Программе ТПиР 2011 года

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Генеральный директор Сидоров В. Н. ОАО "Северные магистральные нефтепроводы"

ООО "Металлургпрокатмонтаж" в период сентябрь-октябрь 2012 г. выполняло строительно-монтажные работы на объектах ОАО "Северные магистральные нефтепроводы" по Программе ТПиР 2012 года

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Генеральный директор Сидоров В. Н. ОАО "Северные магистральные нефтепроводы" Ухта

During 2007 and 2008 under the contract with NGK LLC Metallurgprokatmontazh LLC took part in works concerning arrangement of central factory buildings at Ardalinsky field located in Nenets autonomous district.

Within the framework of this contract a complex of works was conducted for erection of the following objects of the tank farm:

tank for stratum water processing of 1000 m3 volume;

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Toropetskiy A.I., General Director, NGK LLC
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